Soil+ – 3KG


Build from the soil up Ocean Organics Soil+ has multiple benefits including; encouraging soil microbiological diversity and activity, and increasing garden health.

Spread 100grams per square metre for new plantings. Alternatively about a level teaspoon for each new planting.

What is the role of ZEOLITE?

Zeolite is used in Soil + as a high quality nutrient carrier that’s easy to apply to support soil health and nutrition.

  • Prevents soil borne disease and unlocks the soil’s own micronutrients.
  • Builds up plants own immune system and encourages vibrant healthy growth.
  • Excellent for plants under stress
  • Encourages worm life
  • Increased root length and mass
  • Improved soil structure (aeration and drainage)
  • Deeper humus layer (nutrient storehouse of your soil)
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