Our company

About Ocean Organics

Ocean organics was formed in 1996 by husband and wife team Jill Bradley and Keith Atwood after they had been on a quest to find organic alternatives to grow healthy food for their family.  Years of trialling followed and they now provide organic alternatives to urban gardeners, using NZ seaweed, organic herbs and comfrey leaves.

Seaweed is a complex 100% natural, organic food source for plant health which contains almost every known element including trace elements, growth hormones, vitamins and minerals. It is the complexity of seaweed that is its value to soil and plant health rather than the measure of each individual constituent.

Ocean Organics  batch-brew their seaweed products that are are hand- stirred daily for up to 3 months with wooden paddles. This natural, unobtrusive brewing method protects the nutrients and over 70 different elements in the seaweed.

Ocean Organics foliar sprays work on strengthening the plant at a cellular level making them healthy and therefore more able to resist disease.  The Soil Conditioner is great for promoting healthy root growth, feeding soil biology and wonderful for transplanting – no transplant shock. Ocean Organics  is suitable for all plants, trees, shrubs, lawns and flowers.

Humble beginnings

Our history

Years ago, husband and wife, Jill Bradley and Keith Atwood went on a woofers holiday around organic farms of New Zealand. They discovered the true, rich tastes of organic fruit and veges and committed to growing organically for their family. Jill and Keith were educated on the inherent dangers of chemical cocktails applied to soil and plants.

An organic farm in the Hawkes Bay impressed them with the health, abundance and lack of disease in the organics.  The major inputs were seaweed and comfrey… So began a number of years of research. Keith experimented with brewing and Jill experimented with organic growing.

Gardening friends soon began asking Jill and Keith to supply them. Ocean Organics was formed to provide organic alternatives for urban gardens.

Company beliefs

Our philosophy

  • To produce 100% earth friendly products for the health of soil, plants & people
  • To be engaged in the educative process of learning & teaching others about organic growing
  • Ensure that organic products are available in a form that is convenient & easy to use
  • To keep organic growing solutions cost effective compared with chemicals
  • To encourage recycling of packaging