NZ Herbs and Seaweed Healing Ointment


Excellent for deep cuts and surface cuts, eczema, boils, piles, itchy bites, burns, grazes, cold sores….the only ointment you need in the medicine cabinet!


  • Karamu for itching;
  • Miro antiseptic for bruises and wounds;
  • Kawakawa for aches, pains and cuts;
  • Flax root for cuts and burns;
  • Kohekohe for inflammation and bleeding;
  • Manuka (Ti Tree) a natural antiseptic;
  • Karaka for wounds;
  • Karengo seaweed to soothe and heal;
  • Lavender oil for burns;
  • Grape seed oil to aid healing;
  • Rescue remedy for shock.

Infused on low heat into Lanolin & strained. The NZ native wild herbs are hand-picked and hand pressed

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