Seaweed Pellets


Manufactured by our sister company AgriSea – Seaweed pellets are manufactured from a New Zealand native seaweed species Ecklonia radiata

Packed full of trace minerals, amino acids and vitamins, a convenient easy to administer product.

Our brewing method eliminates the use of any processes (heat, dehydration) that may denature or destroy the complex nutrient balance of our product. This unique process protects the vast range of natural growth stimulants, vitamins and micronutrients that enhance soil, pasture and animal health.

How does it work?

Seaweed contains all major and minor nutrients, trace minerals, alginic acid, vitamins, tannins and natural sugars in a readily available and absorbable form. Seaweed is a natural source of organic iodine. Supporting increased growth rate, feed and production efficiency. The rich mineral content of seaweed makes the pellets very palatable to stock.

Dose Rates

  • Cows 15 g per day
  • Yearlings 10g per day
  • Calves (post Weaning) 5g per day
  • Cattle Adult 20g per animal per day
  • Yearling 10-15g per day
  • Calves 5g per day
  • Sheep Adult 3g per day
  • Hogget 2g per day
  • 15g per animal per day
  • 20g per day per animal if in work
  • Goats and Alpacas 3g per day
  • Deer Adult 5g per day & Weaners 2g per day
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